The Greatest Philanthropist in China – A Paragon of Wealthy Nobility

By Taipei News Group (Originally in Chinese) 2011.01.31

Mr. Chen Guang-biao is a successful Chinese businessman who made his fortune in the recycling industry. In January Golden Year 8 (2011), he embarked on a special trip to Formosa to express his appreciation to the people and entrepreneurs of that beautiful island nation for their generous donations and aid rendered to mainland China in times of disaster. Feeling that those Chinese business owners blessed with wealth and good fortune ought to reciprocate to help disaster victims and those in need in Formosa, he invited more than 50 entrepreneurs from around China to join his endeavor. On January 31 during his stay in Formosa, our Association members presented to him, on behalf of Supreme Master Ching Hai, the Shining World Compassion Award, commending his selfless contribution to society, his superb generosity and his charitable acts that have inspired many people.

Mr. Chen grew up in poverty; his elder brother and sister both died of starvation. Very often, his parents had to borrow money to pay his school fees to assure him of an education. It was then that he determined to change his own fate through his own efforts. On becoming a success, he always remembered to care for the destitute and underprivileged. Mr. Chen generously contributes more than half of the annual profits of his company to aid organizations and has received the China Charity Award for six consecutive years. Even more commendable is the fact that he has pledged to give his entire wealth to charity when he leaves this world. 

The Award presentation was held at The Grand Hotel in Taipei, Formosa. After listening attentively to our Association representative read Master’s Letter of Appreciation, Mr. Chen expressed deep gratitude to Master for bestowing on him such a great honor. He humbly pledged to work harder to reduce the gap between rich and poor, and hoped that his limited charitable actions would inspire rich people around the world to use their wealth to help the less fortunate. He appealed to entrepreneurs worldwide to remember—during their quests for prosperity—their obligations towards society and the environment, and that they definitely must not sacrifice the ecology of our precious planet on which the survival of our future generations depends. He encouraged everyone to strive together to protect the Earth and bring world peace.

In his interview with Supreme Master Television, Mr. Chen pointed out that parents, as the first educators of their children, should teach them to be grateful and loving as well as to fulfill their social responsibilities. He said that the exemplary conduct of his parents is the reason why he has become the greatest philanthropist in China. He might not be the richest person, but he has tried to instill the concept of love into his children. When his son was only three-years-old, Mr. Chen began taking him along to learn how to share love and do charitable deeds. He urged people around the world to protect the environment and live a low-carbon lifestyle. He emphasized that the plant-based diet is a good way to save the planet and the organic vegan diet is the most environment-friendly way of life for humankind. Through his monetary contributions to the needy, he hoped to inspire people to be “charitable to others,” but the lasting charity is to be “charitable to the Earth.”

Mr. Chen Guang-biao’s great compassion and generosity in caring for those in need is truly admirable. We believe that his noble actions will definitely inspire more people to do the same, and thus create a brighter future for humankind.