Shining World Compassion Award - Mr. Ram Bahadur Neupane, The Guardian Angel of Bovine Friends


Today, Iet’s travel to Kathmandu, Nepal, to meet a saintly social worker, Mr. Ram Bahadur Neupane. Gentle and kind, he has dedicated nearly a decade of his life to rescue distressed and neglected cows wandering the streets of Nepal. Apart from providing them with food, medical care, and love, he has created a safe haven to shelter them for life. Our Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai, upon learning of Mr. Neupane’s noble efforts, gratefully offered: “US$30,000 and the Shining World Compassion Award.” “I believe the Earth is a common home for everyone. Everyone should be allowed to live. We want to provide shelter and protection for everyone, from the elderly fathers, mothers, mentally challenged people, from our brothers and sisters living in the streets, to street dogs and to all the beings. This is our broader vision.”