Australia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Australia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced donation of AUS$2.2 million in emergency aid to monsoon affected people in Bangladesh and Nepal.

China waives US$15.3 million debt owed by Guyana.

Russian wrote off 90% of Afghanistan’s US$11 billion debt.

 President Sidi Ould Cheikh Abdellahi of Mauritania
President Sidi Ould Cheikh Abdellahi of Mauritania pledges to abolish slavery, mandating intervention by officials with awareness of slavery. 
 Christopher Hohn
Christopher Hohn of Great Britain contributed £230 million to start the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation to help children in developing countries.

 Peter Cruddas
Peter Cruddas of Great Britain started a foundation with £100 million to support disadvantaged youths.

 United States of America
The United States of America gifted US$37 million for a bridge connecting Afghanistan and Tajik.

 South Korea
South Korea adds US$7.5 million in flood aid to North Korea.

 European Union
European Union donates 4 million euros to Central African Republic (CAR) to assist Sudanese refugees from Darfur, and repatriating CAR citizens. 

Ireland pledged an additional €5.2 million to its Aid for Trade program.

Norway’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs provides US$2.5 million in relief aid to Pakistan.

Iran aided Iraq with $5 million to renovate its telecommunication system.

 Carlos Slim Helú
Carlos Slim Helú of Mexico pledged to donate 1.25 million laptops to children.

 European Union
The European Union pledged €2.6 million (US$3.6 million) for environmental programs in Kenya.

Nairobi, Kenya bans smoking in public venues.

 European Union
The European Union pledged €2 million for water and sanitation programs in Djibout.

 Matt Damon & Frank Marshall
American actor Matt Damon and producer Frank Marshall raised funds for the Children’s Center to help children with medical and physical disabilities.

France grants €1 million for rural development in Âu Lạc (Vietnam).

 The Netherlands
The Netherlands provided €500,000 in emergency aid for floods in Nepal.

 President Bingu wa Mutharika
President Bingu wa Mutharika donates surplus crops to drought-ridden South African kingdoms.

 Finland and Ethiopia
Finland and Ethiopia partner up to ensure safe drinking water in the Amhara region.

 Jean Madden
Jean Madden of Brisbane, Australia supplies street bedding for the homeless.

 Ofir Drori
Ofir Drori of Israel co-founded The Last Great Ape (LAGA) to protect endangered animals in Cameroon.