Mr. Ali Al Ghamdi of Saudi Arabia Receives Shining World Compassion Award

By Award Group (Originally in English) 2018.10.06

“Allah (or God) works in mysterious ways,” a well-known quote used to explain extraordinary people or events which defy belief. Ali is of those individuals who exemplifies what a true child of Allah is; selfless, giving of themselves and of their possessions, compassionate and unconditionally loving all citizens of the world as brethren.

Without financial aid and while working to pay loans he uses for his philanthropic endeavours, Ali supports 7,000 orphans and 2,000 families in the Philippines, Egypt, Ethiopia, Sudan, Kenya, the Comoros, Chad, Niger, Uganda and other countries.

Influenced by the extreme poverty he witnessed on a family trip to Africa, Mr. Al Ghamdi began donating his hard earned money to the underprivileged around the world since the age of 17, living frugally and often going into debt. For 35 years, once one loan had been paid (every 4 years), he took out another to continue his philanthropy. This kind-hearted benevolence is always given as a gift from Allah, wanting nothing in return. Epitomising a saint, Ali cannot rest seeing the suffering of others; he feels obliged to help in whatever way he can, putting his boundless love into action not only financially, but also physically by arranging for supplies, building schools and medical centres, cooking, cleaning, and teaching moral values.

Ali was inspired to help the poor from the distinguished deeds of Kuwaiti philanthropist Abdul Rahman Al Samit. He said “We helped prepare them for school and we gave the support they needed so they would feel just equal to their peers in schools”.

Some children who have already benefited from his long and effective campaign to empower the disadvantaged are now, as grown-ups, following in his footsteps, becoming beacons of hope for the poor in their communities, magnifying his noble efforts even further. For instance, a Ugandan orphan who grew up in Al Ghamdi’s care went on to study medicine in his home country, and now as a medical doctor has the ambition to give back to his own community.

On September 4th 2018, Supreme Master Ching Hai conferred the Shining World Compassion Award and US$30,000 to Ali Al Ghamdi to support his noble work, with all Love and gratitude in God’s grace.

Deeply touched by Master’s loving kindness, he thanked Heaven for answering his prayers. Mr. Al Ghamdi has often tried to acquire financial support for his extended family, with no success, stating, “I try to help everyone everywhere,” and now he is able to buy clothing for his many thousands of children.

He added,

“I have a very small office in Uganda. It is a single room where I gather the files of children, schools and poor families that help them. With this award I will get another office in Kenya. I will help children to study and assist people in developing themselves culturally, intellectually and professionally. Until Your generous contribution, I could not find support so I borrowed money from the bank every 4 years to fund my humanitarian endeavours, serving the orphaned and poor.”

As part of Master’s Shining World Compassion Award the following items were offered to Ali Al Ghamdi.

  • Framed Award letter in English and Arabic
  • Crystal plaque in English, and a laminated copy in Arabic
  • Master’s Books – The Noble Wilds, The Dogs In My Life and The Birds In My Life

In Master’s grace, may Ali Al Ghamdi continue to generously care for disadvantaged children, nurturing them to become future beacons of light, uplifting our world with kindness.

Ali’s thank-you letter to Supreme Master Ching Hai (originally in Arabic)

Dear Supreme Master Ching Hai,

Please allow me to present to You my deepest feeling of gratitude, thanks, appreciation and respect.

You have given me the reward of mercy, of hope for a brighter world. This award is for the sake of humanity and the life which Allah has given us, so we must take care of it and preserve it.

Thank You for making everyone happy. All children in Africa will say Allah bless You. I will share the award that You gave to me with the children so they can learn of Your compassion in school.

I and the children of Africa wish that Allah blesses You and gives You love, goodness and peace filling Your life and Your heart.

Warm Regards,
Ali Al Ghamdi