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Finding Gobi – A Story of Love and Loyalty

By Surrey, UK Center (Originally in English) 2020.06.22

In the year 2016, Gobi first came into Dion Leonard’s life in China, when Dion was running for a seven-day ultramarathon across the Gobi Desert. Gobi mysteriously appeared on the 2nd day and decided to run with him for the remainder of the course! The little dog completed a total of 124km in an unprecedented display of canine resilience and support, creating an exceptional bond with Dion as they both ran the race together. Touched by his new-found companion and friend, Dion wanted to bring Gobi back to his home in Edinburgh, UK, and share his life with her.

However, while Dion went back to England to make the necessary arrangements for his adorable running-mate to join him in Edinburgh, Gobi was left under the care of Dion’s friend in Urumqi, but she could not bear the separation so ran away in search of him. Upon hearing of this, Dion flew back to China and with the help of local residents, fortunately found Gobi safe and well. In a joyous reunion, Gobi ran to him like a child wanting their parent! From that moment on, Gobi and Dion have been inseparable, bonded by an inexplicable love and affinity.

On 20th May 2020, Supreme Master Ching Hai presented Gobi the “Shining World Marathon Award” in recognising her heroic and noble example of unconditional selfless love to humankind. Along with the Award, Supreme Master Ching Hai offered “a humble gift of US$2,000 to Gobi for vegan snacks.

Upon receiving the news of Gobi receiving the “Shining World Marathon Award,” Dion wrote to us with the following message:

“We are delighted to hear that Gobi has been selected for this amazing award. We love sharing Gobi’s true story and incredible journey with people around the world and hope to continue to inspire and encourage others.”

“Please pass on our best wishes to Supreme Master Ching Hai and wishing everyone the best during this period.”

Gobi, we wish you a life filled with more adventures with Dion, vibrant health and joy. Thank you for your special contribution to humanity, showing us the power and heavenly intelligence of animals.

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