Shining World Compassion Award Recipient: The Reverend Dr. Uta Elisabeth Düll


Today’s “Shining World Awards” program features The Reverend Dr. Uta Elisabeth Düll from Germany, who has whole-heartedly dedicated over 24 years of her life to care for patients in Rwanda, many of whom require special care and treatment. “My name is Uta Elisabeth Düll. To work in a country in need, was always the aim of my life. Our aim is to be better. Our aim is to get our service more perfect, to make our service more helpful, to be close to the people. That is our aim, not to increase in numbers but to increase in quality, medically but as well as humanly.” Supreme Master Ching Hai “gratefully present the Shining World Compassion Award to The Reverend Dr. Uta Elisabeth Düll, plus US $25,000 for her noble work that helps ease people’s pain. May your life be lengthened and full of joy, in God’s love.” Dr. Düll will be in for more surprise, as Supreme Master Ching Hai is sending another US $50,000 to lovingly support furthering her noble mission in God’s mercy.