Shining World Compassion Award Recipient: No Dogs Left Behind, Part 1 of 2


No Dogs Left Behind (NDLB) is an international emergency rescue organization on a mission to end the dog meat trade in Asia. Jeffrey Beri, a vegan, is the founder of No Dogs Left Behind. Although he loved his career, he decided to follow the true calling of his heart and devoted his life to rescuing the helpless dog friends in Asia, healing their physical and mental pains, and finding them loving new homes. “I got involved with dog rescue when, like many of us, hear the atrocities that take place within the dog meat trade. And we all saw these videos, and I’m an animal lover. I’m also a vegan. So I decided to pack my bags and hang my suit. And travel to China, and work with amazing people, and formulate a foundation called No Dogs Left Behind.” Since the beginning of their presence in China in 2016, members of No Dogs Left Behind have participated many times in stray dog rescue and recovery.