Shining World Compassion Award Recipient: Jennifer Hunt, an Angel of Animals with Special Medical Needs


Pet Medical Crisis Fund (PMCF) is a unique charity located at Melbourne, Australia. Raising money to cover the veterinary costs so senior citizens and disadvantaged groups are able to afford otherwise unaffordable vital treatment for their treasured animal friends. PMCF founder, Ms. Jennifer Hunt, created it in 2010 after realizing how fortunate she was to be able to afford the surgery costs for her family’s beloved canine companion, Jed. In the past ten years, PMCF has distributed over $470,000 Australian dollars to pay veterinary care for 520 animal friends. PMCF sees as its mission to sustain the nourishing connection between animal companions and the people. Animal companions are particularly important for people of special needs. “We help all sorts of animals. Any type of pet that we can save and save the life of the pet and the heart of the owner is really important to us.” Supreme Master Ching Hai “thankfully present Jennifer Hunt the Shining World Compassion Award and contribute US$15,000 toward her noble fund with love and gratitude in God’s mercy.”