Shining World Compassion Award Recipient: Mr. Cédric Herrou and His Humanitarian Actions for Refugees


For as long as humanity has existed, migration has been a part of civilization. In a state of war, poverty or oppression, many are forced to flee their homes, only to become exiles in a foreign land. When faced directly with this situation, how many of us are willing to save and protect these exiled people, risking our very own freedom? Such is the incredible story of Mr. Cédric Herrou. An olive grove farmer in the French-Italian border, since 2015, his heroic compassion has given shelter to thousands of refugees. In today’s show, “Shining World Compassion Award Recipient - Mr. Cédric Herrou and His Humanitarian Actions for Refugees,” we share a special interview with the honorable Mr. Cédric Herrou and the inspired “Libre” film director, Mr. Michel Toesca. Touched by Mr. Cédric Herrou’s noble actions to help the immigrants, our Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai gratefully presented the “Shining World Compassion Award, plus US$53,000 to help him further this noble cause of helping refugees, with all love and gratitude in the name of humane fraternity.”