Mr. Bradley Browne - Honoring a Brave Young Policeman

By Ottawa News Group, Canada (Originally in English)

In the early morning of November 28, 2007, an off-duty policeman in Oshawa, Canada was on his way to the gym, when he noticed smoke pouring out of a boarding house. 22 year-old Constable Bradley Browne, immediately dialed 911 for help and then raced into the burning building to help those inside. He pounded on the doors, waking up the residents, who were able to escape to safety as a result of his quick, courageous actions.

In risking his own life to save the lives of others Mr. Browne displayed true heroism and a courageous heart, but the young officer was modest and humble about his brave acts, telling a local news reporter, "Anyone would do the same thing if they were passing by and saw a fire. No one wants to see anyone get hurt."

To honor him for his actions, Supreme Master Ching Hai bestowed the Shining World Hero Award to Constable Browne, along with gifts, sweets and a custom-made Hero Jacket. The items were mailed at his request, to his police station in Durham, Canada, and upon receiving them the officer sent the Association a letter saying, "I must first of all thank you for your kind gifts. I have displayed the items at my Division upon the request of my Inspector for the members of my platoon to view. Please send my regards to the Supreme Master."

May God bless you, Constable Bradley Browne, for your compassion, humility and bravery and for being a shining role model for others to follow!