Brave and Noble Dogs - Little Dear and Qianjin

By a fellow initiate in China (Originally in Chinese) 2008.10.11

On May 12, Golden Year 5 (2008), a strong earthquake struck Sichuan Province of China, causing hundreds of thousands of casualties. The disaster gave rise to many touching stories, one of them being about two noble dogs, Little Dear and Qianjin, who saved an elderly woman. The story spread quickly after it was reported in the media. (For details, please refer to News #198.)

On October 11, on behalf of Supreme Master Ching Hai, Association members visited the  Home of Love, where Little Dear and Qianjin now live, to present the Shining World Hero Award to the two noble dogs in commendation of their unconditional love in saving their human companion and setting a shining example of compassion and courage for the world. Association members also presented other gifts from Master, which included US$2,000 for the animal rescue center and US$200 for vegetarian food, snacks and toys for the two dogs. The founder of the Home of Love, Madam Chen Yun-lien, accepted the Award, the monetary gifts, as well as other presents such as Celestial Dog Clothes, dog beds, 110 packets of vegetarian dog food, 113 packets of veggie bone, five toys and four boxes of medicine. To the working staff, we gave Master’s best-selling books and DVDs. Madam Chen extended her deepest gratitude to Master for Her immense love to the animal friends and for Her noble actions in advocating the vegetarian lifestyle to save the planet. She said that the Home of Love is beginning to recognize the benefits of the plant-based diet.

When the two heroic dogs appeared in their specially tailored jackets, they looked very happy and blessed. We hugged them tightly, feeling honored to have the privilege of presenting this Award to these noble souls on Master’s behalf.