La Negra - A Soft-hearted Soldier

By Colombia News Group (Originally in Spanish) 2008.05.29

A former member of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), known as “ La Negra,” recently received the Shining World Heroine Award from Supreme Master Ching Hai. In December 2007, La Negra carried a kidnapped boy named Brian, traveled 24-hours nonstop through the jungle and returned him to his family after caring for him for six months. Brian’s parents were extremely happy and relieved to see their son was in good health. They were grateful for their rescuer’s change of heart.

Our Association member presented the Award at an office of the Program of Humanitarian Service for the Demobilized in the Colombian capital of Bogot on May 29, Golden Year 5 (2008). In the letter of appreciation, Master wrote: “With a merciful heart and touched by the grace of God, you renounced military duty in order to return a frightened child back to the loving arms of his parents ... Your heartfelt decision, stemming from divine wisdom, has encouraged countless people to deeply understand the futility of war and the power of love.”

After the Award presentation, La Negra wrote a touching letter to Master: “Thank You very much for the very beautiful articles that You sent to me. Someday I hope to be able to share with You and be able to know You. It seems to me that everything that You do with the purpose of helping others is very valuable. I appreciate this very beautiful Award. Thank You for everything. I hope that God will fill You with blessings and continue illuminating You, so You can continue the very lovely work to help those in need. From my part many kisses and hugs. May God bless You.”

We wish our Colombian Shining World Heroine the greatest of God’s blessings and love!

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