Mr. Brian Jones - Noble Dedication to Wildlife Protection

By Johannesburg News Group (Originally in English) 2008.10.20

On October 20, Golden Year 5 (2008), Association members from the Johannesburg Center, acting on behalf of Supreme Master Ching Hai, presented the Shining World Compassion Award to Mr. Brian Jones from Moholoholo.

Moholoholo is situated near Hoedspruit in South Africa. It is a place that welcomes all animals in need. Here, Mr. Jones cares for wild animals that have been snared, poisoned or injured. On a tour through the center, the Association members saw that all the animals were in good condition and on their way to recovery.

There was a baby cheetah with a broken leg, whom Mr. Jones hoped to reunite with her mother when the cast was removed. The cheetah greeted the Association members with many licks with her very rough tongue, in a show of friendliness that has made her a popular companion to Mr. Jones when he attends functions to create awareness for our environment and wildlife. The Association members also bottle-fed two baby rhinos who had been found abandoned and Mr. Jones was called in immediately by authorities to save their lives.

Master generously contributed US$5,000 to assist Mr. Jones in his noble work. He was very happy to receive the contribution and loved his beautiful plaque. He is very concerned about the destruction of wildlife habitats and its impact on the natural cycle of life. He notes the effects of global warming on a daily basis due to his work with animals and nature. Mr. Jones expressed his great appreciation to Master and said he would cherish this special Award dearly.