The Outstanding Integrity of the Pakistani People

By Indonesia News Group (Originally in English) 2010.09.08

“Truthfulness leads to righteousness, and righteousness leads to Paradise. In addition, a man keeps on telling the truth until he becomes a truthful person.” (Saheeh Al-Bukhari)

“O you who believe! Fear God, and be with those who are true (in word and deeds).” (Quran 9:119)


Islam teaches people to be truthful and maintain a sound moral standard. Mr. Essa Khan, an ordinary man from Pakistan represents just that. While cleaning and doing a routine inspection of a room at the Gilgit Serena Hotel in July of last year, Mr. Khan who has worked at the hotel for 20 years, found US$50,000 in a safe deposit box that had been left behind by a Japanese guest. Without hesitation, he notified the hotel management of the money and the General Manager, Mr. Rashid Uddin, was able to contact the guest and return the funds the next day.

Due to this extraordinary act of honesty, Mr. Khan was called “the real face of Pakistan” and declared a “national hero” by government officials and the Punjab Province Governor. Mr. Khan, on the other hand, simply said, “I have a responsibility as a human being, as a Pakistani, a Muslim. I never thought about keeping the money.”

In recognition of his honesty, virtuous character and trustworthiness, Supreme Master Ching Hai honored Mr. Khan with the Shining World Honesty Award, along with US$1,000. On September 8, Golden Year 7 (2010), members of the Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association from Indonesia traveled to Pakistan to present the Award. Mr. Khan also accepted many gifts, including Supreme Master Ching Hai’s No. 1 international bestselling books, The Dogs in My Life, The Birds in My Life and The Noble Wilds. Master commented to Mr. Khan in the Award letter, “It was a simple act but one that clearly defines your character of virtue and trustworthiness – surely a treasure that outshines all worldly possessions.”

Bravo! Mr. Khan, you have made your country proud! You are a true inspiration to our world. May Allah bless you and all your loved ones with joy, peace and stability.