Iñaki Aizpun, A Compassionate Scuba Diving Instructor


Hi, my name is Iñaki and I work as a scuba diving instructor in Byron Bay, Australia. Now in winter, we are diving with a grey nurse shark. It was a beautiful day in Byron Bay, until we went underwater and saw this. A 2-meter Grey Nurse Shark with a long piece of netting rope stuck between its jaws. A slow, painful death awaited this shark, if not removed. I knew I had to help the shark. I was radiant to be able to get such a deadly net off its jaws. Seconds later the shark returned with a buddy, and looked me in the eyes, as if to say thank you! Well, I havebeen vegetarian for the last ten years. Since then, my life is very healthy, always clear mind. And I even feel that animals have a different interaction with myself.