British Red Cross Honored for Its Selfless Service



Love and compassion for our fellow humans is never more obvious than at times of disaster. In the wake of catastrophic destruction caused by Cyclone Nargis in May of 2008, the people of Myanmar have been thankful to receive generous aid from countries around the world. Governmental and non-governmental organizations have stepped forward ― their commitment and expertise playing a vital role in relief and recovery efforts.

In recognition of their munificence and outstanding concern, Supreme Master Ching Hai presented the Shining World Compassion Award to 29 select organizations and distinguished representatives of 21 countries across four continents. Her appreciation has contributed to closer bonds among those dedicated to noble endeavors for the betterment of the world. Following are brief reports of two of the most active benefactors — the British Red Cross and Save the Children.

British Red Cross Honored for Its Selfless Service

Despite difficulties in reaching the regions devastated by Cyclone Nargis, members of the British Red Cross have relied on their strong dedication and rich experience to deliver much-needed aid to the people of Myanmar. By the end of August, over 150 Red Cross relief flights had landed in Yangon, the largest city in this South Asian country, carrying over 1,500 tons of relief items, including shelter kits, tarpaulins, kitchen sets, mosquito nets, family kits and hygiene parcels. Red Cross teams are helping to build shelters, provide healthcare and construct water and sanitation facilities.

In the Award letter to the British Red Cross, Master commended their noble service to the people of Myanmar and enlightened leadership in alleviating suffering in the world. International Director Matthias Schmale accepted the Award for the British Red Cross on July 25. He thanked Master on behalf of its Chairman, Mr. James Cochrane, and Chief Executive, Sir Nicholas Young, and promised to dedicate this honor to the 17,000 volunteers of the Myanmar Red Cross, whose selfless efforts have made the real difference on the ground.