Yosuke Nakamura - Smart Parrot Asks Vet to Take Him Home

By Tokyo News Group, Japan (Originally in Japanese) 2008.10.05

Yosuke Nakamura is a four-year-old Congo African Grey Parrot about 30 cm in length. He got lost one day and was taken to the police, who sent him to a veterinarian. After about a week with the vet, he suddenly started to speak, “I am Yosuke Nakamura, from Nazukari, Nagareyama City. Please take me home.”

The vet immediately contacted his family, who were very happy to see him home after a separation of 13 days. The Nakamura’s had taught Yosuke to say his name and address, but had never imagined that it would come in useful one day. Yosuke can also repeat telephone greetings and gently chide a child who stays up too late.

On behalf of Supreme Master Ching Hai, Association members presented the Shining World Intelligence Award to Yosuke on Oct 5, Golden Year 5(2008). His family was delighted to receive, on his behalf, the Award plaque, the Certificate of Merit, and a special present from Master. When Association members took pictures of Yosuke, he looked directly at the camera with his head set at the right angle, leaving little doubt that he knew what was going on. May this noble bird live in good health and joy and continue to develop his extraordinary intelligence.