Mrs. Kateřina Horáčková and Mr. Jan Šimon Stromsnes - Say “No” to Pig Factory Farm

By Czech News Group (Originally in Czech) 2009.04.27

Vegan organic farmers Mrs. Kateřina Horáčková and Mr. Jan Šimon Stromsnes were granted the Shining World Hero Award by Supreme Master Ching Hai for helping to stop the construction of a factory farm for pigs in the village of Solany, Czech Republic. The two were also the recipients of their country’s “The Vegetarian of the Year 2008 Prize.”

Three years ago, when an investor came to the village proposing to build a pig factory farm with the capacity for 14,000 animals, Mrs. Kateřina Horáčková and Mr. Jan Šimon Stromsnes displayed compassion and courage in educating the villagers about the harmful effects and cruel, dangerous practices of factory farming. “When we saw such a large number of animals for such a small space, we realized that it wasn’t humane to keep so many animals in such a small space,” Mrs. Horáčková said during an interview with Supreme Master TV.

The two contacted environmental groups, spoke to friends, consulted an environmental lawyer, contacted local authorities, and presented a petition. They thus awakened the compassion of the majority of the villagers, who then signed the petition, not wanting to witness the killing of these peaceful, loving beings. “And today,” added Mrs. Horáčková, “they (the villagers) know that it is better to reduce their consumption of meat. Of course, we hope  they will stop eating it totally one day. It’s our dream.” 

In April 27, Golden Year 6 (2009), local Association members went to the beautiful mountainous village of Solany and presented the couple with the Shining World Hero Award plaque, a US$2,000 check, as well as a selection of Master’s books and clothing on behalf of Supreme Master Ching Hai, applauding them both for being noble rolemodels and inspirational World Heroes. In tears, Mrs. Horáčková thanked Master for the recognition and said the Award is for all those who had helped prevent the pig farm’s construction. She also reminded people that it is important not to support plans which are harmful for the environment, not to eat meat and other animal products, and that every individual has a big influence on what is going on in the world.

May God bless Mrs. Kateřina Horáčková, Mr. Jan Šimon Stromsnes and all those who voice the truth about livestock production, and thus save the lives of countless numbers of our noble co-inhabitants.